Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello again.

I have been thinking about doing this for a while.

Little more than five months after the conclusion of the Kill to Get Crimson tour, here I am again writing in this tiny little box.

Nostalgia kicks in, and it kicks hard; this blog-posting page reminds me of the wonderful time I had during June-July earlier this year, following the Group of Seven Wonders all throughout North America. It started on June 24 in Denver, CO, and ended on July 31 in Miami-Beach, FL; I crossed 24 states and 6 provinces, met wonderful people along the way and watched the greatest musical performance on earth on a daily basis (almost; well, the band had to rest every now and then).

And of course, I kept a journal.

31 shows. Undoubtedly, the best time of my life.

I found it very enjoyable to keep a journal during my trip, so I decided to start another blog, see how it goes. Rather than documenting every detail of my life, boring the living hell out of innocent people who meant no harm, I will use this blog as a drawing canvas for my thoughts and occasional musings.

So, just to catch up with what's been going on here since I came back at the beginning of August. Been working very hard, making up for the time I wasn't here. Luckily, I happen to like my line of work, so the experience is, at the end of the day, positive.

Music takes a bigger part of my life now. Two new guitars have been added to my collection - Mark Knopfler's signature Stratocaster and an acoustic-electric Taylor Grand Auditorium (414ce). Together with the Gibson Les-Paul Standard I already had, and the Yamaha nylon guitar my dad bought for me about 15 years ago, I got myself some nice inventory going.

I gained some weight during the trip - well, it is rather tricky to keep in good shape when you eat in restaurants for more than a month. That extra weight has been since lost and I feel great. I have been very busy with catching up with work, unfortunately making me give up Aikido for a while. Soon, though, it will be over and I'll be back on the mat.

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Laurenzia said...

I'm happy you started blogging again. Serious growing up going on in here (you could say it's about time), take a look.

Nancy said...

Glad you're back! :)

Anonymous said...

Tough guy are you Isaac,in a positive sense I mean.
I hadn't the heart to ask you about
this conflict and here you are 'to the front': good luck and a big hug
daria, italy