Thursday, November 15, 2012

80km from Anywhere (Almost)

Some of my friends might be listening to the news in their home countries and hear that Israel, “once again”, “overreacts”.


To help my friends get some perspective, I went through my Facebook friends list and, using, created some links to help understand what 80km means.

Why 80km? 80km is the range of missiles fired from Gaza into Israel.

How to use this table: find a city near you, and click the link beside you. Imagine you live in that city, and rockets are fired at you from any point within the green circle. Conversely, imagine that rockets are fired from the center of the green circle, and your house is anywhere within that circle.

Overreacting, huh?

(I have close to 300 friends, from many places around the world; naturally, I didn’t cover everything. But this should give you some idea)




Delft, The Netherlands
Norwich, UK
Dagenham, UK
Lyon, France
Dalfsen, The Netherlands
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Sofia, Bulgaria
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
Dublin, Ireland
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Antwerp, Belgium
London, UK
Valencia, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

North America



Guelph, ON, Canada
Waterloo, ON, Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada
Nashville, TN, USA
Flagstaff, AZ, USA
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Los-Angeles, CA, USA
Clearwater, FL, USA
Salem, OR, USA
Rogers, AR, USA
Long Valley, NJ, USA
Arlington, TX, USA
Jasper, AB, Canada

(oh well. You have the Rocky Mountains to protect you, but anyway.)

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