Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Evening in Delft

After about an hour of chilling out, Jeroen and I went out to see some of Delft’s nightlife scene.

Delft is stunning at night. Small city atmosphere, canals everywhere with ancient-looking light posts all over the place – giving you the feeling that you’re walking in the 1800’s. Atmosphere becomes more and more romantic as you approach the city centre. When you do, it’s hard to not be impressed with what a city as small as Delft has to offer. Lots of restaurants, bars and cafe’s (as well as Coffee Shops… see last post), in a very relaxed atmosphere. Young and old couples walking by on both sides of the canal, and you can see romance in their eyes; not surprising as this view can make the grumpiest person soft as fresh honey.

We walked through these wonderful streets until we hit one of the major squares in downtown Delft. We picked a restaurant in random and entered.

Our random pick turned out to be a huge success. Similar concept as the restaurant “Verses” in Kitchener, only much more vibrant. It was rather busy and we didn’t have a reservation, so we settled on a table right in the passage – not too bad, actually.

The food was absolutely great. We used the “Winter Menu”, when you get three courses – each course containing three different products – very small in size, but my Lord, the taste! Jeroen mentioned that it was the best dinner he had in months, which was true for me as well.

Our original plan to hit a bar after dinner has been replaced with simply going home to rest, as we were extremely tired of the entire day and rather full after that wonderful dinner. We walked home slowly. As soon as we arrived, I spaced-out rather comfortably on the sofa, allowing my weary feet some rest. We continued talking for another couple of hours about everything, then we part ways and went to sleep.

The quiet evening in downtown Delft was a perfect ending to a perfect day, and I owe it all to my friend Jeroen!

Once I laid my weary head on the sofa-bed, I couldn’t avoid feeling a little sad that this entire trip is going to end very soon.



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