Monday, February 16, 2009

Visiting Israel: Itay’s House-Warming Party

Earlier the same day, Kinneret (the Hebrew name for the big lake in Israel called “Sea of Galilee” in English – the lake where Jesus allegedly walked on water; useless trivia? maybe), an old friend of mine from the long-gone IDF days paged me on MSN to ask me if I’m showing up for our friend’s house-warming party.

As I was never invited to that party (makes sense, as nobody knew I’m coming for a visit), I said “no”. It took a few minutes for Kinneret to do the entire phone work, after which she told me that I have no other choice but to arrive.

Upon returning from grandma’s place, I could barely get an hour worth of sleep before having to wake up, dress-up again and head to Tel-Aviv.

Our friend, Itay, has just recently relocated to Sheinkin Street in Tel-Aviv. His location is just as cool as Omer’s: Sheinkin Street is one of the trendier shopping districts in Tel-Aviv. Lots of stores, lots of good restaurants, and a rather short walk to the beach. He moved in with a girl friend of his whom I never seen before. It was clear to me that it’s going to be pretty much all net-new faces to me in the party, but I went anyway, if only to touch base again with my old friends.

Didn’t take long to find the place. Outside, I met Kinneret and Gosha (another IDF friend… geez, I suddenly realize I actually have lots of friends) having a drink. I haven’t seen them both in quite a while so it was a pleasure to catch up. We then went all upstairs to the party.

As I expected, I didn’t know anybody there. There was lots of alcohol (“lots” in Israeli terms; equivalent to “rather little” in Canadian terms), which has been consumed quite rapidly by guests, some of which went ass-drunk fairly quickly.

Lovely sight. Also, obviously, I made some new “friends”; it’s easy to make new friends when at least one side is drunk and / or high.

A couple of hours went by quickly, then I made my way home. I was tired in a way that one can only be after watching “The English Patient” three times in a row (I don’t know how this came up; really. The length vs. plot ratio was unusually high – those 4 hours could have been condensed to 40 minutes without losing much). I can’t even remember turning in bed; I passed out pretty much instantly.

Another day went by…



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